George McGovern Reading Room

George McGovern’s death on Oct. 21, 2012, unleashed an avalanche of media coverage and commentary on his life and legacy. Following are links to some of that coverage.

Hometown newspaper coverage

The Daily Republic’s “George McGovern” tag page

General tributes

Prairie Democrat

George McGovern, American

Column: George McGovern a man of deep principle

George McGovern’s Legacy: From Liberalism to Feeding the Hungry

George McGovern was the most honorable politician I have ever known

Remembering George McGovern

Remember and Thank George McGovern

McGovern ’72: An Oral History


McGovern’s legacy is anti-hunger advocacy

George McGovern And The Social Gospel Movement To End Hunger

George McGovern: A Friend To The Hungry


Phil Power: McGovern’s political legacy turns sour

Democratic Party impact

Commentary: How George McGovern shaped Obama’s Democratic Party

Foreign policy

Will: Has America finally heard George McGovern’s call to ‘come home’?