About this site

George McGovern, born to humble beginnings in Avon, S.D., grew up in Mitchell, S.D., and rose to the highest heights of American political power and influence.

Besides winning the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination, McGovern was also a college professor, World War II bomber pilot, director of the South Dakota Democratic Party, congressman, director of Food for Peace, senator, ambassador and author.

In 2005, former President Bill Clinton, who worked for the ’72 McGovern campaign, said this of George McGovern:

“In the storied history of American politics, I believe no other presidential candidate ever had such an enduring impact in defeat. Senator, the fires you lit then still burn in countless hearts.”

This website, a product of McGovern’s hometown newspaper, The Daily Republic, endeavors to explore that “enduring impact.” The site derives its title from McGovern’s 1972 campaign slogan “Come Home, America,” which was a call not only for a withdrawal from Vietnam but also for a return to certain founding principles.